Danger in the Chamber

A whisky fight night. Balvenie’s Sam Simmons (aka Dr Whisky) vs Simply Whisky. Now having attended a Simply Whisky event earlier this year I knew this was going to be a crazy night. I wasn’t disappointed. Arriving at the very impressive RIBA building just before 7pm, we were welcomed with a delicious Monkey Shoulder cocktail. I couldn’t tell you what was in it other than … Continue reading Danger in the Chamber

Things I’ll miss about London #1 BEER!

Mmnnn Beer. . Before arriving in the United Kingdom I used to drink spirits. Rum and coke to be more precise. Shortly after landing on these shores it became apparent my budget didn’t allow for copious amounts of spirits, so I turned to lager. The odd beer was consumed back in SA so it was the obvious choice. Real ale was something to be feared. … Continue reading Things I’ll miss about London #1 BEER!