Blustery afternoon exploring Maltby Street Market

Getting out of the house before 10am on a Saturday has been an impossible task. However, it happened on Saturday and after a short bus ride I was soon sat sipping on the freshest Kernel Pale Ale I’ve had. A decadent brunch of very delicious Prosecco and the sweet/salty delight of waffles with bacon and maple syrup. Hiding from the sudden downpour. A quick stop … Continue reading Blustery afternoon exploring Maltby Street Market

MeAt Market

Brought to you by the same folk as Meat Wagon, Meat Liquor et al. Meat Market occupies the mezzanine level right at the back of Jubilee Market in Covent Garden. Finding it can be tricky, but after elbowing a few dozen tourists buying “I heart London” crap out of the way, you come to the staircase that will lead you to burger heaven. Well so I thought. Meat Market certainly … Continue reading MeAt Market

Malaysia Night @ Trafalgar Square

Once a year a bit of Malaysia comes to London and Trafalgar Square is transformed into a street food market. Wandering down from Mayfair after work, I could smell the delicious wares on offer before reaching the square, and by the time I arrived I was salivating! Knowing exactly what I wanted the first course I hunted down was Roti Canai (or Prata in Singapore). … Continue reading Malaysia Night @ Trafalgar Square