Starting from scratch

Earlier this year I gave up training. I was told I needed surgery and something inside me just gave up.
The pain in my feet wasn’t so bad as to stop me training but I thought what’s the point anyway.

20th April I had my right bunion corrected. I was expecting to be out of action for months.
As it turns out I was off work for just over 2 weeks and running 7 weeks after surgery.
This period of forced non-activity made me appreciate how much I actually missed running.

Granted I am going to miss this year’s triathlon season as I’m having the left foot done in 4 weeks.  Disappointing as I would have liked to have completed at least one this year.

I’m no where near in the shape I was end of last year, and I think being bedridden for 2 weeks definitely took its toll. As did the boredom eating.
It feels good to get out there and pound the pavements again, and I’m more determined than ever, even though it’s a struggle – physically and mentally.

Overcoming the physical challenge is the easy bit.

The psychological hurdles are another thing.  The constant fear of failure, of making a fool of myself, of not being good enough.  You can’t imagine the self sabotage that goes on!
Building up the courage to get out on my bike or go down to the public pool.
Sometimes the fear is crippling.

I hope it gets easier.
I’m sure it will get easier.


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