Danger in the Chamber

A whisky fight night. Balvenie’s Sam Simmons (aka Dr Whisky) vs Simply Whisky.
Now having attended a Simply Whisky event earlier this year I knew this was going to be a crazy night. I wasn’t disappointed.

Arriving at the very impressive RIBA building just before 7pm, we were welcomed with a delicious Monkey Shoulder cocktail. I couldn’t tell you what was in it other than the aforementioned whisky. After a bit of socialising and making new friends, we were ushered into The Chamber, collecting the first contenders of the evening on the way to our seats.

In the Balvenie corner we had Bavlenie 12yo Doublewood, 17yo Peated and the 21yo Portwood.  The opponents were Aberlour 12, Highland Park 18 and the Hibiki 17. I was pleased to discover I had tried all the whiskies on offer and a few of them are firm favourites.

As you can tell from the photos it became heated. Words (insults) were exchanged, there was bigging up and smacking down. In the end it was up to us, tasting blind we had to vote left hand or right hand.
1st round = Balvenie Doublewood
2nd round = a draw
3rd round = Hibiki 17

There had to be a winner so it came down to the manly sport of arm wrestling.

Dr Whisky the victor!  What a great night.


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