Movember: Week 1

The evening of the 31st October I joined all my Movember team mates and prepared for the month ahead.
I tell you it was a tough job but the result was a smooth silky face just itching for a mo.

Mo Preparation

3rd November we all gathered for Whisky Squad’s Smoking Section. A couple of my team mates had distinct shadows appearing under their noses. Sadly mine was yet to make an appearance.
Billy kindly leant me an imposter which served me well.
Rule #1 for me – I can only drink whisky with a mo. After all my team is Whisky4Movember so only fair!

Mo whisky please?!

The lovely people at Square Mile pointed me in the direction of Extract Roasters in Bristol who are doing a Strong Man blend for Movember that: “sticks to and lifts your Mo!”
I can confirm this coffee packs a punch.

Strong Man Coffee – puts hair on ya …

“Marmaduke” has finally arrived but needs tweeking and trimming before his first public appearance tomorrow.
Donations have hit the £25 mark. I can now claim a free burger a day from Byron. YUM!!
Fancy adding to those donations? Get yourself over to my Mospace:


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