Hey sista, go sista, soul sista … Mo-sista??

With November just around the corner, upper lips start getting twitchy in anticipation of the facial hair about to be sprouted. For charity of course!
It’s Movember time.
This year I will joining the efforts as a “mo-sista” and raising money with my team Whisky4Movember.

Now it’s pretty obvious I can’t physically “gro a mo”, hence I will need to be a little more creative in my campaign.  All will be revealed come 1st November.

Men’s health is something I wholly support. After all I am rather fond of those manly dangly bits, down there. Ya know?
Which ties in nicely with my motivation on:


“To get men touching themselves.” Make of that what you will.
If you’re lucky I may even offer to give you a check up myself  😉
So get yourself over to my MoSpace and get donating!!

Two of my team mates have already kicked things off on their blogs.
Billy of Billy’s Booze Blog fame and Mr Jason B Standing

Watch this space for my Movember antics.


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