Malaysia Night @ Trafalgar Square

Once a year a bit of Malaysia comes to London and Trafalgar Square is transformed into a street food market.
Wandering down from Mayfair after work, I could smell the delicious wares on offer before reaching the square, and by the time I arrived I was salivating!

Knowing exactly what I wanted the first course I hunted down was Roti Canai (or Prata in Singapore). Sadly no pics as I was too busy stuffing my face and getting curry sauce everywhere.  The Roti was possibly some of the best I’ve had, fluffy and flaky however the curry sauce was a bit average.
Next up some Nasi Lemak, a favourite of mine for breakfast while on the Perhentians. Small portion but perfectly executed.
At this point I was wishing I had a bigger stomach as there was so much tasty food on offer.
Following the billowing smoke I found the satay stall. Heaven!!
As tasty as everything was it wasn’t quite the same. Asian food just tastes so much better in 30 degrees, 80% humidity with sweat dripping off you.

A whole host of entertainment was planned for the evening, including traditional dance performances.

But as you can tell, most people were far more interested in sampling the food and I don’t blame them!

Before heading home I managed to procure a few cans of 100Plus, the best hangover cure known to the civilised world.
As it happens the helpful stall assistant pointed me in the direction of a fantastic online shop stocking anything you can possibly need to recreate the delicious food from SE Asia, as well as stocking 1.5ltr bottles of 100Plus. Bang on!!


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