A little faith and a lot of modern technology

There are times I can be a complete and utter fuckspanner. This usually occurs when I’m drunk or trashed. Saturday night was a classic example of this.
Great night I must add and had a very enjoyable evening hanging out with the Saffer Massive on a boat sailing up and down the Thames listening to “pounding pounding techno music”.

However soon after leaving the boat party I realised my pride and joy, my shiny containing my entire life was missing. Gutted!
Losing all the data, etc wasn’t that upsetting. I backup regularly and being Google-ized makes it easier. The actual cost of replacing my Samsung Galaxy S2 was the devastating part (no, I don’t have insurance) = £400-500.
Which equates to a month of  travelling in SE Asia or Central  America.

I felt sick to my stomach, but worrying about this wasn’t going to change the fact that it was missing. So we partied on until Sunday morning.

A few hours sleep after getting home and a (slightly) clearer head I remembered I’d signed up for Samsung Dive which enables you to manage and remotely control your device. I promptly logged in and locked my phone with a message saying the phone was lost and to call my spare number. I then tracked it using the GPS and it appeared to still be on the boat, which make me think I stupidly let it fall out of my bag/pocket rather than someone actually trying to nick it. Some relief.
An email to the company who owns the boat explaining the situation with my contact details just in case. There may have been alot of finger crossing and other superstitious activity involved.
Yes it was wishful thinking that someone would find a very new, very expensive, amazing mobile phone and hand it in, but I tried to keep the faith.

And that faith was rewarded by a phone call yesterday afternoon from the company who owns the boat to say they had found my phone and I could collect at lunchtime today.

I am amazed and relieved. The Samsung Dive service is ace! There’s even the option to wipe the phone of all personal data should you realise you’re not getting it back.

Shiny is now back in my possession which makes me a very happy geek girl. Also a teeny tiny bit of my faith in humanity has been restored.


4 thoughts on “A little faith and a lot of modern technology

    1. Same night different boat party. I heard about the one your brother was DJing on after I’d already committed to going to the Echo one as a couple of friends were DJing.
      Keen to check out Ryan’s skills at some point though 🙂

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