Alice in Whiskyland (pt. 4)

Joining The Whisky Squad is me attempting to learn more about whisky. Last Thursday evening I learnt it’s not always about tasting great whisky.
A bit like sex, you need to experiment. Try something new, push boundaries. Sometimes it goes horribly wrong, other times you find it’s just not your cup of tea, occasionally you discover you enjoy something a bit different and kinky.
As perverse as Thurs night’s selection was, I’m pleased to inform you I did not come away with any strange whisky fetishes.

I should also mention it was Whisky Squad’s 1st Birthday. We had cake, chocolate whisky cake and it was scrumptious!

Now for your perusal, some of the more amusing descriptions of the whisky we got to taste.

Sherbet, dry, bitter finish. We were having trouble identifying one of the aromas and descided it must be a subtle hint of ninja!
Solvent, glue, oranges. Glue you use to stick bananas together. Sylvester (we then went on to discuss licking Sylvester Stallone, and his fake tan)
Cigar club the morning after. Fidel hiding in an old cupboard in Cuba smoking cigars. Oh and 7!
A bit like old man’s sick, drunken spittle. A warning from one of the members “Whatever the hell you do, don’t add water!”
This one reeked of molasses, prunes, cough mixture. I was afraid to put it in my mouth, but as someone pointed out … smelled like shit, tasted of nothing.
Bruichladdich 2001 / 7 Year Old / Resurrection :
A unanimous “baby sick”. Some of the tasting notes Jason had printed off went on to describe it as saturated canine and hints of baby nappies.Whisky aside, it was yet another fun-filled, highly entertaining evening spent with the lads (and one other ladette).
We’re rather spoilt this month as on the 19th April Colin Dunn (Diageo) will be joining us for the “Side by Side” tasting.
I simply can’t wait!
Edited to add:
For a more indepth report on the evening, and also more flattering tasting notes head over to Billy’s Booze Blog

7 thoughts on “Alice in Whiskyland (pt. 4)

      1. Well, it’s just the way that you’ve included a photo of a tumbler glass with ice-cubes in it.

        I suspect you’ve also undersold the Snow Phoenix there a bit. It wasn’t entirely like old man’s sick. I’m sure we had mentions of apple and campfire in there as well. Mixed in with the spew, I mean.

  1. True about the Snow Phoenix, but I decided to stick with the more ridiculous tasting notes.
    As for the pic, I guess the subtlety was missed. “Whisky on the rocks”.
    Maybe that should have been the title of this post 😉

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