Singapore … Can!

This Singapore fling was a prelude to “The Big Trip” planned for next year. I’d never travelled East (no Essex doesn’t count) and it being Asia-lite I thought it was a good place to start.
Having a fabulous host helped a great deal and managed to steer clear of most of the tourist traps and had a more authentic Singapore experience IMO.

This trip has also given me food for thought. All my previous travels have been with groups of friends or part of an organised tour. Singapore was the first bit of travel I’ve actually done on my own. Granted I was staying with Robert who did an amazing job of showing me around the cooler places on the little island, but I also had a fair bit of time on my own to explore and wander around at leisure. This I enjoyed immensely.

On further thought it occurred to me that I do this all the time here in London. I spend a large chunk of my time on my own and love nothing more than wandering around side streets “trying to get lost” and discovering new and interesting places.
Yes, London is my hometown but there’s so much to see and do I doubt I’ll ever stop being a tourist.

I decided the best way to see Singapore was on foot and walked until my legs ached. It’s not a big place and the main limiting factor is the heat/humidity but I seemed to cope fairly well. I just had to accept that from the minute I got out of the shower in the mornings until the shower before bed in the evenings I would sweat. And did I sweat!

I usually don’t travel well yet this trip was painless and relaxing, which got me thinking about the trip I have planned next year.
6 months living in close proximity to 20-40 other people. People I don’t know and may or may not like, a tough schedule with very little downtime.  Honestly it sounds like a recipe for disaster.
I need me time and downtime. Even in Singapore this became apparent.
One of the main reasons for choosing an organised tour across Asia was because most of the countries I would love to visit seemed scary and intimidating to venture to on my own.

I realised I’d lost my sense of adventure. Where was that girl who packed and sold up everything 11 years ago to move to the other side of the world where she knew next to no-one?
I’d had a similar wake up call about a year ago when I met a wonderfully crazy bleached blonde Aussie chick. Listening to all her stories reminded me how crazy and spontaneous my life used to be. I decided to make a concerted effort in recapturing the person I’d let fade into the background and the last year has certainly been interesting and eventful. I feel all those decisions are starting to gain momentum and I’m finally reconnecting with that girl I once was.

I feel more confident about the thought of travelling through strange and far flung places on my own. I feel inspired to finally take that leap of faith, pack my bags once again and deposit myself on foreign shores with nothing but a backpack, wanderlust and enthusiasm.


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